"We are extremely happy with the service from IAQ Ventilation. They solved a constant problem of damp and mould in our house, from the subfloor to our children's bedrooms. Solid, very quiet Air Purifiers and easy to use Indoor Air Quality Monitor - we can now sleep safely"

Mary Jackson - Residental

"We do not give testimonials lightly.

Very well informed and responsive team at IAQ Ventilation provided expert advice for best in class ventilation systems, air cleaning units and continuous monitoring systems. Our new building is fitted out to meet compliance and peace of mind for occupants. Incredibly important for our new way of living in buildings. They clearly knew WELL standards and requirements! Thank you for efficient service and supply" 

Bill Peterson - New Construction

"Thank you IAQ V for sending us solid , well built, Air Purifiers and Dehumidifers. Keeps the gym clean, and manages the air quality really well. Easy to move around. They've kept up with heavy traffic through our building. Our customers and staff are really happy, the IAQ Monitor is great. We can keep track of clean fresh air in our gym" 

Fiona Jones - Fitness and Wellbeing Centres

"Great service and fast turnaround. Dehumdifiers and air purifiers are purpose built and really looked after our products. The monitor keeps us on top of any changes in indoor air quality, so we can minimise loss of product"

Adam Burkowski - Agriculture, Storage, Indoor Farming

IAQ Ventilation provided a fantastic solution for our ventilation and air purifier requirements to keep our residents safe and families peace of mind. We have wonderful feedback from families that visit our facility. Strongly recommend them. 

Felicity Smith - Care Facilities

We initially installed the GPS bioplar ionisation system in a small part of the airport to manage aircraft fumes and pollutants. It worked so well we have rolled this out across the whole airport. We are now seen as best practice for clean air. 

Jack Dowd - Transport

Our customers have been increasingly concerned about indoor air quality, especially with current situation around COVID 19. IAQ ventilation has installed a pilot air cleaning and monitoring system in our training facility - it worked so well we've decided to roll it out across our stores. Third party tested and assessed - brings confidence to us, our staff and customers. 

Steve Anderson - Shopping & Public Centres

Our manufacturing plant has had alot of problems with dust and pollutants from the manufacturing process. IAQ Ventilation installed air cleaners across our facility, so now our staff are safe from harmful dust. We are very happy.

Anwar Ibrahim - Manufacturing & Industrial

"We’re very excited to have air purifiers, ventilation systems and indoor air quality monitors installed across our schools. Safety and peace of mind for the children and their families. So important in our current COVID environment. Thank you IAQ Ventilation for your inredibly quick turnaroud!"

David Chen - Education

"Its fantastic to have an office environment that has fresher indoor air not just for wellness but also for comfort and productivity. Our employees are grateful for a building with technology that’s effective against COVID-19"

Susan Hayward - Commercial

"Our surgey has been very busy in the last 18 months, and we are very aware of the problems of poor ventilation, bad air quality and its relationship to infection control. IAQ Ventilation installed medical grade air purifiers and air monitors, the air is clean from pollutants and managed well for infection control - critical for our patient care. IAQ Ventilation provided us with researched and tested products - world leading technology. Inline with our high standards of providing healthcare"

Dr Amanda Stone - Healthcare