IoT Made Simple

Scalable platform to power your real-time sensor applications.

How Does Senseware Work?

  • Identify Sensor Data Sources

    Don’t limit yourself to narrow, purpose-built IoT products. Gain ready-made access to the particular set of real-time mechanical, electrical, environmental (e.g., IAQ) and plumbing data you define.

  • Add Senseware Hardware

    Senseware’s broad catalog of Bridge devices can interface with existing equipment (e.g., sensors, meters or devices), interface with existing infrastructure (e.g., BAS), or can bring new sensor functionality (e.g., IAQ) to a site.

  • Put Your Data to Work

    Senseware’s mix-and-match IoT Edge hardware is tightly integrated with the IoT Core (Cloud). Same-day installation and commissioning makes data available immediately. Our IoT Platform will let you define the custom analytics, alerts, notifications and controls you need.

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