GPS-FC48-AC™ Air Cleaner / Air Purifier Retrofit HVAC System

GPS-FC48-AC™ Air Cleaner / Air Purifier Retrofit HVAC System


Auto-cleaning, lightweight NPBI® systems that handles up to 4,800 CFM or 12 tons. Designed for multiple mounting options including fan inlet, interior duct walls or floors. The composite construction allows for mounting in corrosive environments.

GPS patented technology helps clean indoor air. It reduces particles such as dust, dander, smoke, odours, and neutralises virus and bacteria. It helps reduce airborne particles by introducing ions into the space via the airflow into your ventilation system, without intriducing harmful ozone. 

Certified for zero ozone transmission, and validated to remove certain viruses and bacteria. All products are UL certified and CE compliant. Ask us for more information. 


  • Universal Voltage Input 24–240 AC/DC

  • > 400 Million +/– Ions/cc

  • Programmable Auto-Cleaning Cycle

  • Carbon Fiber Brush Emitters

  • Integral Building Automation System (BAS) Alarm Contacts

  • UL 2998 Ozone-Free


  • Input Voltage 24–240 VAC
  • Amps 0.41–0.041 A
  • Power Consumption 10 watts
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Total Ion Output > 400M ions/cc
  • Airflow Capacity 0–4,800 CFM or up to 12 tons
  • Temperature Range -20°F to 200°F
  • Humidity Range0–100% RH
  • Unit Dimensions11.10"L × 1.84"W × 3.52"H
  • Unit Weight1.32 lbs
  • Electrical ListingsUL, cUL
  • Alarm Contact Rating250VAC/ 1A, N.O. “dry” contact
  • Compliance & CertificationsUL 2998, UL 867, OSHPD Seismic (OSP), IAQP, CE