GPS-FC-3-BAS™ Air Cleaner / Air Purifier Retrofit HVAC System

GPS-FC-3-BAS™ Air Cleaner / Air Purifier Retrofit HVAC System


The GPS-FC-3-BAS™ unit is designed to be mounted inside of fan coils, heat pumps, PTACs, ductless mini-splits and air handlers up to 3,200 CFM or 8 tons. It’s compact size and simple mounting requirement allows it to be mounted almost anywhere in just a few minutes.

GPS Patented technology helsp clean indoor air. It reduces particles such as dust, dander, smoke, odours and neutralises virus and bacteria. It helps reduce airborne particles by introducing ions into the space via the airflow into your ventilation system, without intriducing harmful ozone. 

Certified for zero ozone transmission, and validated to remove certain viruses and bacteria. All products are UL certified and CE complient. Ask us for more information. 


  • Carbon Fiber Brush Emitters

  • > 350 Million + and – Ions/cc

  • LED Operation Status

  • Integral Building Automation System (BAS) Alarm Contacts

  • Powered by 24 Volts AC