Kaiterra is a young technology start-up with one goal: provide air quality monitoring solutions made for smart, healthy and energy saving buildings. 

Kaiterra creates high-accuracy air quality monitors for consumers, businesses and industrial use.

Easily mounted on the wall, allowing you to monitor indoor air quality in the breathing zone and display to your audience. 

Award winning designs that transform the built environment with IAQ monitoring devices, intelligent software analytics and turn-key building integrations. All to improve occupant well-being, increase energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. 

Kaiterra Sensedge provides air monitoring for all business and commercial environments. Detection of PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, Temperature and Relative Humidity, along with customizable modules.

Real time Air Quality Data can be seamlessly integrated into exisiting Building Automation Systems, the Sensedge support simultaneous connections to the cloud for data reporting, and BACnet for local building automation. 


Tested and Certified by the RESET standard acurace, the Sensedge is fully compliant with a number of green building and air quality standards - WELL v2, LEED, RESET, Fitwell, and the Living Building Challenge. 

Take charge of your environment with Kaiterra Sensedge.

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