How do I select the right product?

If you're not sure what product is right for you one of our consultants will conduct a site survey and customer interview to help determine the right product to fit your needs in terms of coil cleaning, particle reduction and/or pathogen control.

Is NPBI safe for people and animals?

GPS’ NPBI (needlepoint bipolar ionization) products are completely safe for humans and animals. With over 250,000 installations and many testimonials, GPS products have not only proven to be safe, but they also make the air cleaner and safer. GPS technology produces what naturally occurs in nature, and since GPS’ technology has been certified by UL 2998 as ozone-free, there are no health concerns.

Will ionization burn your eyes like UV will if you look at it?


What is VPD?

VPD stands for "vapor-pressure deficit." This feature is a setting for managing plants in a greenhouse and is frequently used for cannabis. VPD is the difference between the amount of moisture in the air and how much moisture the air can hold when it is saturated.