Improving indoor air quality - Engineered cleaner air

Clean, ventilated and well managed indoor air promotes health, productivity, comfort, and peace of mind.

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About IAQ Ventilation

About IAQ Ventilation

Our team at IAQ Ventilation has more than 20 years of experience in indoor air quality. With hands on experience, we provide engineered indoor air quality, with expert integrative and wholistic solutions. We have mechanical engineers on board, work closely with industry associations, established collaborative partnerships with known experts in the IAQ industry, and close relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers. Our team understand the complexities of indoor air quality environment across industries, and residential applications. All to provide you expert and integrative solutions to manage your indoor air quality. We believe that clean, ventilated and well managed indoor air promotes health, productivity, comfort, and peace of mind.

We work with facility managers, IAQ professionals, property developers and homeowners alike to deliver cost effective and energy efficient solutions. From portable units to integrated systems.

Our fully trained and qualified experts are on call to discuss your specialist indoor air quality needs – across the whole IAQ Life Cycle.

IAQ Ventilation also provide workshops and on-site training to assist your team in achieving best results.

IAQ Solutions by Global Plasma Solutions

An introductory video giving an overview of technology by Global Plasma Solutions.

The Indoor Air Quality Life Cycle

Our Indoor Air Quality Life Cycle – IAQ Analysis, IAQ Ventilation and Air Cleaning, and IAQ Smart - creates indoor environments that promote health for you, your people, your business and customers. 

IAQ Analysis

IAQ Analysis

Know what you are breathing – understand the quality of air around your people, customers and clients. Indoor environments trap and concentrates air pollutants. We provide world class technical equipment that analyse, assess, test and measure indoor air – airborne particulates, concentrated pollutants, temperature and humidity. Our solutions include particle counters, data loggers, thermal imaging, temperature and humidity sensors. Speak to our technical specialists and visit our product range 

IAQ Ventilation and Air Cleaning

IAQ Ventilation and Air Cleaning

Prioritise health and safety in a post COVID-19 world and beyond. Clean and sanitise your air. Ventilation moves outdoor air into indoor environment, air cleaning removes airborne pathogens and pollutants from indoor air and maintains indoor air quality for better health and productivity.

Our range of ventilation units/systems and air purifiers are there to provide clean and sanitised air – our expert sales and technical team can advise you on the best systems or portable units. Air cleaners, air purifiers and dehumidifiers neutralise pathogens, remove pollutants and moisture. Reduce the accumulation of moisture, odour and other gasses – to deliver clean air.

NBPI (Needle Point Bipolar Ionisation) is proven third party lab tested and engineered for a cleaner world. The first of its kind in Australia, brought to you by IAQ Ventilation working closely with GPS Plasma. Used at the White House, Google, Hospitals, Universities and Clinics.

Our solutions help boost the efficiency of your HVAC systems, lowering energy costs (proven up to 30%) and improving your carbon footprint. Create safe and energy efficient indoor spaces.

IAQ Smart Systems

IAQ Smart Systems

Continuous monitoring through sensors and cloud systems is the next step to the advancement of healthy, high performing buildings (International WELL Buildings Institute).

Our innovative and cost-effective sensors/monitors keep track of airborne pollutants for occupants’ health, safety, productivity and wellness.

Optimise the health of indoor spaces with our cutting-edge smart systems, sensor technology, with continuous and accurate measurements. IAQ Smart Systems provides useful information toward predicting maintenance (e.g. developing mould, moisture) and equips uses with real time data to find treatments for poor indoor air quality. We have the biggest indoor air quality parameter ranges in the sensor world with AirThinx.

Real-time, data monitoring and management solutions - improve indoor air quality for healthy buildings. Cloud based systems that clearly and transparently display air quality to you and your customers.

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